Oral Health Check

Examinations or oral health checks are a very important part of our preventive strategy. Your examination will include the following:

Initial Discussion

This is a chance for you to ask any questions and discuss any concerns you might have. Please always feel free to ask any questions during your examinations/check ups as all of our staff are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Broken teeth

An initial scan to check for broken teeth and wear of existing fillings.


Then, we take a careful and detailed look at the teeth using compressed air to help highlight any areas of early decay. if we can find decay at this stage, then we are able to get these areas to reharden using high fluoride or high mineral pastes (much better than waiting for a cavity and filling it!)

Gum Disease

A gum check follows to identify any areas that may be at risk of gum or ‘periodontal’ disease.

Periodontal disease is a painless, often silent disease and so it is vitally important that this is constantly monitored. Like most diseases if it does develop then treatment is much more successful if the disease is picked up early.

Tooth Wear

An assessment of tooth wear. Here we try to identify Damage from tooth Grinding, acid erosion (from acid reflux or acid foods and drinks) and/or toothbrush abrasion( damage from poor toothbrushing technique)

Oral Cancer Check

We start with a check inside the mouth for any lumps, bumps or patches

The palate, cheek, lips and tongue will all be examined

We then do a check externally for any swollen lymph nodes and also for any salivary gland tumours.

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The whole team at wood lane has made me feel so welcome. However my dentist is a genius. My teeth feel better than they have felt in years. His kindness and patience seem unending. I have already made the rest of my family sign up with the practice.

The practice was recommended to me by a relative and though I live some distance away I would travel twice the distance to keep seeing my dentist. He always explains everything he does and makes the whole experience pain free and dare I say even pleasant. He has a lovely team behind him which only adds to my pleasure at being a patient at this practice.

This is one of the best dental practices that I have ever been to. Me and my whole family now use the wood lane practice, and all of us are very pleased with the service that we frequently recieve!

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