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Why us?

All our dentists placing Implants are post graduate trained surgeons

There are no hidden fees or costs- we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our pricing

We have been successfully placing implants since 2007

We use an internationally recognised implant company

We teach other dentists how to place and maintain implants through our study clubs

We are easily acessible from Henley, Caversham and Reading.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is actually a replacement for the root or roots of a tooth.

Like tooth roots, dental implants are secured in the jawbone and are not visible once surgically placed.

The Implant is then used to support a new tooth (crowns) or teeth (bridge/Denture).

How are Dental Implants fixed to my mouth?

They are made of a pure titanium, which is surface treated to mimic bone and so the bone believes it is part of itself and then growns onto and around it. This gives it the feeling of a normal tooth.

Why are Dental Implants better than other solutions?

Implants are solidly fixed to the bone.

They don’t require damaging other teeth to support the new teeth unlike bridges

They have an incredibly high success rate. Measured over 10 years, implants have a success rate of 97-99% in the lower jaw and about 95% in the upper jaw

Are Dental Implants safe?

The implants we use at this practice, are manufactured by a British/Swiss Implant company in strictly sterile conditions and are made of a lightweight biocompatible material. These have decades of research and development behind them.

Dental Implants were first placed in 1967, so we have nearly 50 years of research to show that they are safe.

Is it expensive?

Though it can cost more than a bridge its longevity and avoidance of damage to adjacent teeth can make it a very cost effective solution. A single tooth implant can cost as little as £166.67 per month for 12 months.

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The whole team at wood lane has made me feel so welcome. However my dentist is a genius. My teeth feel better than they have felt in years. His kindness and patience seem unending. I have already made the rest of my family sign up with the practice.

The practice was recommended to me by a relative and though I live some distance away I would travel twice the distance to keep seeing my dentist. He always explains everything he does and makes the whole experience pain free and dare I say even pleasant. He has a lovely team behind him which only adds to my pleasure at being a patient at this practice.

This is one of the best dental practices that I have ever been to. Me and my whole family now use the wood lane practice, and all of us are very pleased with the service that we frequently recieve!

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